Avocado with smoked fish4.500
Green Salad3.000
Holstein Salad5.500
German sea food salad variation with beetroot, smoked captain fish and more.Try it and love it!
Lamb Letuce3.000
with onions and garlic dressing
Mixed Salad3.000
Seasonal mixed salad
Salad Papa Schulz5.500
Green salad with fried bacon, potatoes and omlette stripes. A salad warm and cold.
Shrimp Avocado Cocktail5.500
A classic starter shrimps avocado and our delicious calypso sauce.
Zigo's Tropical Salad7.500
Mixed salad with pineapple pieces, strips of in ginger fried beef filet, served with a balsamico olive oil honey dressing and grilled garlic.
Bavarian Goulache Soup3.500
Beef soup mit a bit of vegetables slightly spicy
Brocoli Soup3.000
Butternut Soupe3.500
Fresh Tomato soup3.000
Pea Soup Berlin Style4.000
Pea soup with bacon, sausage and pork meat.
Chicken Liver Pate5.000
Homemade chicken liver pate made with penja pepper, garlic and cognac.
Curry Wok Bremen8.500
Curry marinated shrimps fried with vegetables, served with Basmati rice....or xith slices of beef fillet.
German Beef Roll8.500
A very classic german dish. Stuffed with onions, bacon, gherkins. Served with red cabbage and our handmade nooles
Matjes Hareng4.500
Red Captain5.000
In a salty brime marinated fish filet with a smokey taste ... a great starter Do not miss it!
Sauerkraut Dish14.000
Homemade sauerkraut with grilled pork nuckle, bacon, sausages and boiled potatoes
Breaded Fish Filet7.500
Breaded fish filet with our succulant potato salat
Fish filet Capitaine 7.500
Fried Fish filet with a meditanranien sauce and basmati rice
Littoral Shrimps8.500
Sauteed shrimps with ginger, garlic - a bit spicy served with Basmati rice
Aunt Berta's Goulash7.500
Old fashioned beefstew with gravy and Spätzle (handmade german noodles)
Beef filet7.500
Zebou beef filet with chips ans if wanted with a mushroom cream or pepper sauce
Beef Filet Scewers7.500
Zebu filet scewers with chips or what ever you like and we have
Our Lili Burger is served with bacon, cheddar and fries
Cheese Spätzle7.000
Traditional handmade german noodles, grated with bacon, leak, cheese and cream.
Chicken Breast Schnitzel7.500
Breaded or not, side order by choice.
German Homemade Sausage6.000
Berlin style sausage with curry tomato sauce and chips or potato salad
German Sausage6.000
Pan-fried german sausage with potato salad
N'Dolé Shrimps8.500
A camerounian speciality made with bitterspinace and fresh shrimps, rice or if available fried plantains
N'Dolé with zebou filet7.500
Old-fashioned Chicken Fricasse7.000
Pure chicken without skin and bones in a creamy mushroom sauce with basmati rice
A slice in redwine marinated shin of beef, sauteed with fresh tomatoes, onions and noodles. It's one of our very tasty dishes.
Pork Schnitzel7.500
Breaded pork schnitzel with potato salad
Potato Pancake6.000
A real german potato fun with slices of smoked sausage and grated with cheese
Spaghetti Carbonara7.000
Spaghetti Toro7.500
Spaghetti with Zebou beef Filet slices and sauteed vegetables
Zigo's Beef Stroganoff8.500
If you like beef filet slices with gherkins, onions and mushrooms served with will love it and you will come back.
Kind of german and austrian apple cake
Appel Strudel Calvados6.000
With Calvados flambeed Apple Strudel
Apple Pancake3.500
Apple Pancake with vanilla ice4.500
Lemon sorbet with vodka
Fruit Salad2.500
Housemade Apple Strudel with vanilla ice4.500
Ice cream2.500